The comprehensive guide for a custom integration testing solution using xUnit and Docker in Azure Pipelines

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Functioning end-to-end tests are one of the most consequential things you can have for your application. But making end-to-end tests are not as simple as making unit tests because it can be an amalgamation of unit tests and integration tests. …

How to leverage persistent layers for atomic transactions with guaranteed delivery

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This article is a two-part series about how to engineer live data replication architectures using SQL triggers, and the outbox pattern. You can read part one here.

Let’s not sugarcoat it, software engineering as a profession is mostly about data plumbing — there I said it. I am reiterating a…

A step-by-step guide to how to add stress tests inside your CI pipeline

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There are a slew of tests an application has to pass before it is cleared for production. From unit tests to performance tests, each is as important as the rest. On March 31, 2020, Azure DevOps officially retired its cloud-based Apache JMeter load testing tool. …

Demystifying MultiBlocProviders while making a great user experience in the process.

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Flutter has taken the world by storm. More people are migrating to it and more corporations are using it to build their apps. The reason behind the migration is not Flutter itself but rather the ecosystem maturing in the last few years.

If you have ever coded a Flutter app…

In a way, two of the best things you can learn are marketing and sales.

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A few years back, I regularly volunteer for a non-profit organization in my university. The non-profit organization focuses on teaching children in Indonesia. More specifically, the ones who require tutoring and are being left behind at school.

As you can imagine, the problems the children have don’t come from the…

The link between consumerism and productive societies

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Consumerism is seen as a negative trend in most of today’s society. Because the behavior is associated with being pretentious, greedy, or even mindless. It doesn’t uphold the values of modesty and generosity. “Don’t buy what you don’t need.” is what most people would think when confronted with consumerism.


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