In a way, two of the best things you can learn are marketing and sales.

A few years back, I regularly volunteer for a non-profit organization in my university. The non-profit organization focuses on teaching children in Indonesia. More specifically, the ones who require tutoring and are being left behind at school.

As you can imagine, the problems the children have don’t come from the lack of resources alone but also from the lack of interest. “How can we make learning interesting?”, was the main predicament we were trying to solve daily.

The experience was full of ups and downs, and through it all, I learned a few key lessons that helped me shape my…

A guide to how you should structure your service layer in Flutter.

Making large Flutter applications can be a pain if you don’t implement good design patterns. However, there are lots of design patterns made to solve this problem. One of these patterns is the Business Logic Component pattern or simply BLoC.

But today, we are not going to talk about the state management portion of an app. Rather, we will be talking about the service layer. Using BLoC only simplifies our state management and it doesn’t solve how we should handle the service layer. Our goal is to make the API calls as clean as possible.

A Clean Service Layer

How do you define a…

Write better and more readable frontend APIs using Axios

Plant set to white backdrop
Plant set to white backdrop

Making frontend applications is not as simple as it used to be. Frontend frameworks like React and Vue.js rely heavily on APIs. This adds complexity to our app because we need to manage how we call these APIs. One solution is to simplify the process by writing clean API calls.

But wait, what are “clean API calls”? To me, that means the proper structuring of API calls, making them easy to read and maintain. First, I do this by utilizing the single-responsibility principle. …

The link between consumerism and productive societies

Consumerism is seen as a negative trend in most of today’s society. Because the behavior is associated with being pretentious, greedy, or even mindless. It doesn’t uphold the values of modesty and generosity. “Don’t buy what you don’t need.” is what most people would think when confronted with consumerism.

But what I would like to acknowledge is the fact that consumerism correlates with an important societal trait — Productivity. There is an interesting link between the two, sometimes even complements each other. …

Setting up a .NET Core backend for your frontend and building secure apps using cookies

Two cookies on a plate
Two cookies on a plate

In the old days, web applications were treated as one. There was no separation between frontend and backend apps — at least not like today. The reason was that back then, computers were not as powerful as they are today. Browsers used to rely on servers to render the frontend and return it as simple HTML. This technique is called server-side rendering. These kinds of mindsets are what gave rise to frameworks like ASP.NET Web Forms.

But as innovations in computing increased rapidly, modern computers became much more powerful than they used to be. …

A story of a king that can change your perspective on wealth, life, and relationships.

Few things in life are more sought after other than money. The attainment of wealth can correlate to a lot of things, either as a status symbol or the attainment of financial freedom. Of course, the reason money is sought after is because people need it to fulfill their daily needs. It is also the means of how we can get things.

But what if the wealth we own was received in a short period of time? Let’s say through either inheritance or winning the lottery perhaps. It’s no secret that the key to being wealthy is how you maintain…

A quick 5 minute tutorial on how to deploy a .NET Core service on Windows Server/PC.

Configure your .NET Core project

When trying to deploy on a Windows Service, make sure you already configure your Program.cs accordingly. On the Program.cs add this config:

A social analysis on bad things happening to bad people (and good things happening to good people).

Reflections in life are essential. More often than not, I find myself daydreaming into my deep conscience finding reasons for why life is the way it is. Why is there injustice? Why are some things left unpunished? If there is a God is he seeing all this and writing it down?

When talking about divine intervention to punish the unholy sinners two things come to mind, either hell or karma. We all know what hell is. Whether you believe it or not. But what about the second word? What is karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action, work, or…

De-Identification: Anti Surveillance Tech

In the last few years, the global population has an increase in privacy concerns. After the Facebook scandal in the 2016 U.S election, people start to realize how valuable their data is. But is the realization too little too late?

Most people already have either a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. So has your privacy already been breached?

The answer is, probably not. Having social media accounts doesn’t automatically mean that your privacy has been breached.

By definition, privacy means the ability of an individual to seclude information of themselves. Thus allowing said individual to express themselves selectively. …

I implemented multiprocessing to optimize my machine learning code

Training machine learning models can take time, a lot of time. Traditional models that use conventional machine learning algorithms like support vector machine or Naive Bayes might not take as long, but we are not going to talk about those algorithms. We are going to talk about neural networks.

You see, in the last few months, I was working on a project with a team. What was I working on? We were developing a real-time exercise evaluation system using — you guessed it, artificial neural networks. LSTMs and some feed-forward neural networks to be exact.

What we wanted to do…

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