Why Should You Be Proud of Your Country?

We all have the right to choose what to believe in life. Frankly, being proud of your country is one of them.

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“Should I be proud of my country?” is probably one of the most important questions that everyone should question themselves with. Because the answer is not always a resounding yes.

We all have the right to choose what to believe in life. Frankly, being proud of your country is one of them.

First of all. Why?

Why? Why should you be proud of your country? Isn’t it just a place you’re born in? Well, we can’t choose where we are born so in the end why should we even bother to care?

If you check the meaning of the word proud in the Oxford dictionary it means — “Feeling pleased and satisfied about something that you own or have done, or are connected with”

Interesting. I understand why you could be proud of yourselves. As I support the freedom of opinions in people, to think for themselves, and the freedom to be happy for themselves.

But why should you be proud of something you’re connected to — or rather where you live?

I understand the basis of a connection between individuals. Like a feeling of joy, a father has when he attends his child’s graduation. But why would you extend that to an entire nation of people you mostly haven’t met?

I mean, everyone in a country is different and some people you might not agree with.

Don’t get me wrong I am not judging anyone. I am just asking the difficult question that — in my opinion — everyone should ask themselves.

How about your core values?

Maybe, just maybe. Do people feel patriotic because they believe in what their country stands for?

For example, America the “Land of the free”. I have never been to America but I heard that part in their anthem.

Does believing in the same core values of your own country equate to being proud of your country? I am honestly not sure.

But, it’s kind of weird don’t you think?

I understand if you have a vision. A noble vision. One that you would want to realize. But I don’t think a country necessarily equates to noble values.

A country can say it has a noble core value, but it doesn’t equate to the country itself as being a noble one.

I mean, let’s be real here. Almost all nations have a noble cause written in each of their constitutions, but all nations have done some atrocities or injustice one time or another.

Thus, I don’t think believing in a noble cause equates to being proud or patriotic.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that a successful person is indebted to their country, when in reality if they fail the country itself is not to blame.

It also wouldn’t be fair to say that the actions of a country represent the entire will of the people, because I am sure that there are people who don’t agree with how their country is being run.

Studies on Patriotism

There are some studies of patriotism to help us make sense of the entire situation.

By meaning Patriotism, in the Oxford dictionary, means “[The] love of your country and willingness to defend it”. Similarly, in this 1993 study of patriotism, it is also seen as a feeling of loyalty and self-devotion to their group or country.

Regarding how patriotism forms, patriotism evolved around groups. It is because of an individual’s concern toward the group they reside in, and the willingness of the individual to support its existence. This patriotic concern can arise from the continuous positive experiences of that certain individual of the group.

Without patriotism, the existence of a group identity fades away, thus the individuals inside the group itself implant values through the cultural, social, and political mechanisms. Thus, it forms a sort of ideology for the group members. A sort of shared identity.

The study also adds to its conclusion that patriotism has and always will be part of human life as long as humans live in groups either in the nationalistic or otherwise ethnic manner.

So, why should you be patriotic?

Now, to the most difficult question to ask.

Is it foolish to be patriotic? No, of course not. You have all the right to believe in what you want.

Why would you be willing to defend your country? If it is because of the promoted values of the country such as equality and so on. Realistically, that can be found in numerous other countries. I mean, if you have a core value and if another country that for example — invades your country has the same values as you, why should you mind?

Is it because of the pride of being in the tribe? Because that is the last thing that comes to my mind. It is also a very plausible answer because the previous study mentioned concludes roughly the same answer.

The reason to be patriotic is to prevent change and to preserve the status quo.

It can also be said, that the reason we are patriotic is that we feel a deep urge to be independent. Either in an individual or group sense. We are patriotic because we want to have the right to rule ourselves.

But in the end, what kind of independence? The independence to rule the self? Or just the kind of independence so that your tribe can rule a piece of land? That’s for you to decide.

Because in an unequal society, it makes sense that some individuals become more patriotic than others. Because it depends on what kind of experiences that the individual has until that point. If you don’t feel like being patriotic is the right choice for you, then don’t.


After a long process of thinking. I conclude that patriotism is a group ideology and the will to be patriotic among citizens can differ depending on circumstances.

As for myself, I have a strong preference for individual independence. To me, being independent is having the freedom of thought and the freedom to decide for ourselves. Therefore, I wouldn’t live in any country that doesn’t enforce these core values.

Finally, to the question, “Why should you be proud of your country?”. Personally, I wouldn’t say I am proud. But I am certainly grateful for the circumstances provided for me in my current country of origin. I realize that there are things that I can control and things I cannot. I can’t choose where I was born, but I certainly can choose to be responsible for my own beliefs. As we all should be.

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